Benefits Of Parental Involvement In Child Education

Educate your mind, inspire your soulAs a parent, it is your responsibility to see your child to school and follow up on the academic as well as social development of your child. However, studies show that there is a worrying trend as parents become less involved in their children education life. Attending a general meeting, a school event or other mandatory events do not serve enough purpose, you need to do more.

What You Need To Do?

Read Together

This is one big step to being involved in your kid’s academic life. Children when read with their parents develop a positive interest to education at an early age and they tend to keep this culture. Keep good books, newspapers and magazines in the house. The kid will see the value of reading and they will develop a reading habit.

Follow Up

Develop a habit of following up on what the children have learnt every day. If they have been given homework, ensure that they do it. If your kids have problems with the homework, show them the way but never do the homework for them.

Talk To Your Children and More Importantly, Listen

boys educationChildren will always talk to their parents about what has expired in the school. You should not shut your kid out no matter how busy you are. Show interest in what your kid is saying. This will build their self-esteem and will show them that you take their studies seriously.

Express High Expectations

Communicate to your children the importance of setting goals and achieving them. If possible, challenge your children by gifts. They will work a bit harder so as to get the gift and when they do, keep your promise. However, if your kid does not achieve the set goals, handle the situation with care. Show the kid places where he or she could improve on and be positive. If you make them feel bad, they might develop a negative attitude and feel like losers.

Attend School Activities

Your presence in school meetings, academic clinics and other activities has a positive impact in your kid. If possible, you can check on your kid’s performance with the teacher during normal school days if you find time.

Importance of Being Involved In Your Children Education

In families where the parents are involved in their children education, there is increased general performance of the child. Research and studies that have shown that children whose parents were involved in their education;

Father and son readingGot better grades in schools than their counterparts- this is so because they have a positive attitude towards education. They also would like to impress their parents with good grades which make them strive more.

They graduate from high schools at a higher rate-Due to the continued follow up, the probability of dropping out of school and hence graduate to college.

They are well behaved and tend to have positive attitudes-due to the coordinated efforts of parents and teacher; these children develop good behavior and tend to be positive with life. On average, they are serious and tend to do well in life.

It is a Win-Win Situation

When you as a parent contribute time effort and money to be involved in your children academic life, it is a win-win situation. The school, you and the child benefits in several ways. By staying involved, you create a friendly environment in which your children can discuss issues with you. On the other hand you have a chance to serve as a good role model to your child.

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