Tips for teaching your young child (toddler) to eat

Eating VegetablesThere are very many types of foods that toddlers can eat. When feeding a toddler, you should not forget to give him water or milk as the main drink. Most parents are worried about the fussy or picky eating by their children. If you have a toddler who is very picky when it comes to food, or one who does want not want to eat at all, you are obviously very worried. This is because children need food to be healthy and strong. You have to ensure that he/she is eating the right types of foods.

Reasons why toddler’s eating pattern change

Snacking: Toddlers do not follow a meal pattern. They tend to eat small snacks throughout the day. This will prevent them from eating at the time when you want them to eat. However, this is not a bad thing because it helps to provide them with the nutrition and energy they need. As a parent, you should ensure that your toddler is eating the right types of foods.

Slow growth rate: The growth of a child slows down in the second year. This makes them need less food or have smaller appetites. Although this worries most parents, it is normal and does not indicate that your child has any type of problem.

Fussy eating: As they grow up, toddlers will want to show independence. This may make them refuse to take the foods that you give to them. This explains why a toddler may refuse to eat a certain type of food today and eat it tomorrow.

If you are tired seeing your toddler running away from you when its mealtime, you should not think that you are alone. Here are 3 tips that will help you teach young children how to eat;

  1. Do not put a lot of food on your toddler’s plate

You should limit the amount of food that you put on your child’s plate if you want him to eat. Putting a huge heap of food in his plate at every meal will only discourage him from eating. Just place a few bites and eat your food next to him so that he can copy what you are doing. It is better for him to eat a little food than not eating anything at all.

  1. Make your toddler eat when he is hungry, not when he is bored

Is your toddler bored or hungry? A child who is bored will want to play with the food rather than eat it. That is why before feeding your child, you should try to find out whether he is yawning just because he is bored or because he is hungry. A child who desires to eat will not play with food when it’s time to eat. Try to ensure that you are feeding your child when he is hungry.

  1. Distract your child

Try to distract your child with something when he is eating. For example, you can let him play with a spoon while he is eating. This will temporarily take his attention away from playing with food. If he sees the rest of the family using the silverware, he will also try to do the same.

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