The Importance of Teaching Children The Act of Being Responsible

Young boy putting money in piggybankBeing responsible involves the act of showing other people that you are highly trustworthy and quite capable of doing extraordinary things. It is a proof that you are growing up and making the rightmost choices. Responsibility is an important virtue because it means that one is accountable for their actions, they can be trusted, and others can depend on them.

Parents play an extremely vital role in the child development. A responsible parent leads a kid to become a responsible adult. A responsible parent always keeps in mind that they are raising adults and not children. This means that they always think about the children’s character and not just their careers. They would like to make them competent, considerate and generous men or women.

Small children are immature and often controlled by impulses making them possess irresponsible characters. They need someone to watch and control over them, else they may do things that they shouldn’t do. Teaching children to be responsible and take responsibility for the things that may go wrong is an act that every good parent should aspire to do. Children who are responsible have a character trait for success. They have a good reputation and also feel good about themselves.

The Act of Responsibility

A responsible person is one who can act without supervision or guidance because he or she is accountable and always answerable for his or her behavior. Such a person can thus be trusted or depended upon to do things on their own. A person who has the reputation of being highly responsible is trusted to do things on their own without supervision. Being trusted in this manner is certainly a good feeling. Children taught responsible behavior are capable of doing things on their own and develop a feeling that increases their self-worth and self-esteem.

Children Helping to Clean HouseA good parenting on a child’s responsible behavior follows the following cycle.

  1. Start young – Begin early in teaching a child about the principles of personal responsibility.
  2. Set an example – You should be a parent who walks the talk, keeping your commitments and promises and setting the example for the child to learn from you.
  3. Talk about choice – Watch the movies, tell the stories and help the kids see the implications for them.
  4. Give them responsibility and demand accountability.
  5. Let them suffer the consequences by taking responsibility for the things they have done.

How to teach a child to be responsible.

Parents and guardians can teach children to be responsible for making them understand and practice the following.

– Respect and show compassion for others

– Practice honesty as a matter of course

– Show courage in standing up for their principles

– Develop a self-control in acting on set rules

– Maintain self-respect

Why teach children responsibility?

Children deserve to learn valuable lessons from parents and acquire essential habits from them. Parents always want children to learn to feel, think and act with respect for themselves and other people.

Parenting helps children develop fine qualities and protects them from potential dangers ahead. Positive reinforcement and praise will teach a child that his/her efforts are significant and appreciated.

Teaching children responsible behavior makes them understand the following;

One beautiful middle eastern little girl with pink dress and long dark brown hair and eyes on white kitchen,helping parents to wash dishes and drinking water and smiling looking at camera studio.– When you agree to do something, do it.

– Answer for your actions

– Take care for your matters

– Be trustworthy

– Always use your head

– Don’t put things off or procrastinate

A responsible parent sets the limit for their children and expands the boundaries of the children as they get older. These parents make their children wait for something they want and if possible make them earn it.

Ways of encouraging and teaching responsible behavior among children.

Being responsible is a sign of good character, reliability and maturity, and it is a desirable personality trait for children and anyone to possess. Parents can encourage responsible behavior in children through the use of the following methods/ways.

– Through every day experiences as children learn best about responsibility in concrete situations.

– Using literature and stories as a child can learn to be responsible for reading stories and tales

– By developing judgment and thoughtfulness by teaching children to develop their capacity for judging about what a responsible act is.

– By setting aside particular times or creating special situations to teach the children in the act of responsibility.

– By teaching children that honesty is the best policy and discouraging them from the act of manipulating others.

Responsible behavior basically protects one and the things they care for, from harm or any negative change. The basic act of teaching your kids always to wear a safety belt, might one day save their lives. The act of wearing a safety condom if you are sleeping around can keep one from getting the HIV infections or other deadly STD’S. Additionally, regularly maintaining home appliances that you have or own will equally prevent them from premature breakdown.

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