The Importance Of Reading To Children When They Are Young

Father and son readingThere are so many reasons why you should read to your child when he/she is young. Reading to your child is not only about narrating a story that is documented in a given book. Reading to a child will benefit him/her in so many ways. Here are the top reasons why you should start reading to your children when they are still young;

  1. Reading will help them to acquire useful language skills early

When you read books aloud to the children, you help a lot to develop their language skills early. This is because they will listen to how the words that you have been reading have been used. As they try to speak, they will try to do it the same way that they heard you read a book. They will be aware of how different words should be used in a conversation. This will help them to have impressive language skills. Their language skills will get better each time you read something the aloud to them. Therefore, you should try as much as possible to read to the kids so that you can help them build their language skills early in life.

  1. It helps them to develop positive association with reading and books

When you read to the children when they are young, you will help them develop a positive association with books. They will start seeing books as things that are important from an early stage in life. This will like books from an early stage. Children whose parents read books to them when they are young are more likely to love reading than those whose parents do not read to them. Therefore, if you want your child to have a good relationship with books right from a young age, you should always find time to read to him/her.

  1. Helps them to practice listening

Listening is a very important skill that children need to learn from an early age. By reading to the children consistently when they are young, you help them to develop this useful skill. It will be much easier for them to concentrate and listen if they learned the skill of listening when they were still very young. When they get older and go to school, they will always be able to listen keenly to what they are being told by their teachers since they learned how to listen keenly from an early age.

Teaching children how to read

It is not so hard to teach the children how to read. To be a good teacher, you just need to be patient and know the right techniques to use to ensure that a child learns how to read within the shortest time possible. Children are different. There are some who can learn how to read very fast while there are others who will take longer to learn how to read. Here are tips that will help you teach the children how to read;

  1. Read to them

Teaching your child how to read starts by reading to your child. When reading, make sure that he/she is seeing where you are reading from. Although he/she does not know how to read at the beginning, he/she will want to know how to read like you. Things will be very easy for you when you are trying to teach a child who is interested in reading how to read.

  1. Ask questions about what you have just read

boys educationWhen you read a section of a book, you should ask questions about what you have just read. This will encourage your child to interact with the book. If he/she is unable to answer your questions, go back to the section that contains the answer to the question that you have asked and read again. This will help a lot to develop your child’s ability to comprehend what is being read. This ability will help him a lot when he/she finally learns how to read.

  1. Help them to identify letters and their sounds

To make your child read by himself, you have to help him identify letters and their sounds. This will enable him to put the letter and sounds together to construct words. After learning how to identify letters and sounds, it won’t be long before he is able to read an entire sentence.


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