Keep Your Children Safe From Colds And Flu With These Tips

Mother checking temperature of her sick childThere is no parent who wants to see a child suffering from colds and flu. However, if you go to the doctor’s office, you will be surprised to find many kids seeking medical help for influenza and related illnesses. If you don’t want to take your children to the doctor every now and then because of colds and flu, you should do things that help to prevent them from catching the viruses. Here are are the things that you should do to prevent your children from getting colds or flu;

1.  Keep them warm

You should properly heat your home to keep it warm during the cold seasons if you want to prevent coughs, flu and cold. You should not allow your kids to shiver if you want to keep them healthy. This is because shivering weakens the immune system making it easy for them to catch flu and colds.

2.  Get the flu shot

Prevention is always better than cure. To prevent your kids from catching flu almost every year, you should ensure that they are immunized. Medicine that is used to treat flu only shortens the symptom duration by one day. If your child is not immunized, there is high chance that he/she is going to catch the flu virus again and again. Unfortunately, there are no vaccines for cold.

3.  Teach them the importance of washing their hands

Your children should know the importance of washing their hands before eating, after sneezing and after blowing their noses. Washing hand removes flu and cold germs. You should teach them how to wash their hands correctly using soap and water. It will not take long before they get used to the idea of keeping their hands clean.

4.  Teach your children good cough etiquette

Sick girlFlu and cold germs spread through sneezes and coughs. By teaching your kids good cough etiquette, you help to prevent them from spreading the flu and cold to each other. Make them know how important it is for theme to cover their noses and mouth while coughing or sneezing. Sneezing and coughing can spread the germs up to 6 feet. You should also make them clean their hands after coughing and sneezing.

5.  Keep the surfaces of shared objects clean

Flu viruses are capable of living on the surface of object for up to 8 hours. That is why you should try to keep the surfaces of all shared objects clean at all times. This includes the surfaces of TV remotes, toys, tables, phones, handles etc. You should use hot soapy water or any disinfectant product that will help you get rid of the influenza viruses to clean the surfaces.

6.  Avoid crowded places

If you don’t want your children to catch flu and cold, you should keep them away from crowded areas, especially those that have lots of opportunity for sharing and touching saliva and mucus. This areas include bouncy places, playgrounds, ball pits etc. If they must go to these areas, you should ensure that they wash their hands thoroughly afterwards. Keep a child who is already infected at home to prevent him from infecting others.

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