Preparing For First Day Of Kindergarten

KindergartenKindergarten is an important milestone in your kid’s life. It prepares your kid for what he/she is going to witness in the growing up years ad beyond. It helps your kid to take the first “serious” steps towards living an independent life; one where he/she doesn’t need you to take care of everything for him/her.

Now, you have been preparing your kid for this day. Have ensured that he/she is well read, knows about his/her letters, numbers, colors and even a few simple words! But now it is time to go the school where the “big kids” go. And in order to ensure that both you and your kid feel ready when the D-day arrives, it is necessary to prepare yourselves for the big moment. Based on personal experiences, and by consulting some very experienced parents and teachers, we have assorted a few helpful tips about how to prepare your kid for his/her first day of the Kindergarten. Do read on…

Talk about Kindergarten with your kid

Discuss Kindergarten with your kid. Try to make it sound like an exciting place, where he/she can look forward to go to. You can talk about it from your own memory; kids are more likely to relate to the experience, once they come to know that their mom or dad have also been there. However, you must refrain from imposing the idea on your kid, if you find for some reason, that they are not too willing to hear about it.

Get your kid used to spending time away from you

You must instil this habit in your kid, once you feel he/she is ready to do OK on his/her own. Try leaving him/her with your relatives or a close family friend for the day or even overnight. The best trick is suggesting a sleepover at Grandparents’ house, if they live close by. Check how your kid reacts to this time spent away from you.

Adjust your kid’s daily routine

It is of paramount importance that your kid’s daily routine at least resembles, if not matches, the routine usually followed in Kindergartens. Ease the “school” bedtime into his routine, as well as other habits concerning mealtime, playtime and study time. And make sure that your kid sticks to them well enough!

Attend orientation

Before a school’s session begins, there are usually orientation sessions conducted where parents, teachers and kids can mingle and get to familiarize themselves with each other. This is especially helpful for the kids as they will find themselves among somewhat familiar faces, when the first day of the Kindergarten comes.

And…learn to relax!

We all know that the days leading to the first day of Kindergarten can be a bit stressful and full of anxiety, for both you and your kid. However, you should know that kids are very very perceptive, right from a very young age. So, if they sense some palpable nervousness or anxiety in your tone while discussing the upcoming Kindergarten session, they will learn to get anxious too at the mere mention of it. Try to talk about the Kindergarten experience in a matter-of-fact tone and a calm voice, with your kid. Sound bright and optimistic but do not overdo the enthusiasm. Kids are bright enough at any age to catch fake excitement!

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