Should You Get Your Child A Phone?

Boy touching a smartphoneThe ability to communicate with family, friends and business associates are some of the importance of owning a cell phone. A majority of parents are faced with the dilemma of whether to buy their children a phone or wait until their 15th birthdays. There are parents who consider these devices important for their children, and those that argue that mobile phones adoption among children open the door for such threats as sexting, cyber-bullying, and improper Internet use. If you are on the fence about giving your kid her own mobile phone, check out these pros and cons of letting your child have her own handset.

The Pros:

Efficient communication

These devices are an excellent way of keeping in touch with your son or daughter when they are hanging out with friends. In this creepy world where children can’t trust adults, it is sometimes essential for a kid to have her own cell phone where a parent is only a phone call or a text away should they feel endangered. The same holds true if the child fall sick or needs an urgent professional assistance.

Help teach kids responsibilities

Portrait a sister teen outside having funAlmost all phones today come with calendar and alarms which are ideal for children. The calendars help kids keep track of their activities, so there is no need to ask Dad time and again when baseball training is this month. The alarm is ideal for reminding children that it’s time to get their kits for hockey training.

Can be used as learning tools

Many phones are internet enabled, which can help school going children progress in school. They can help kids build up their weaker areas and develop their strong points. Handsets can also be learning tools for kids as they can learn new kinds of technology. In addition, they can help with finding directions to someplace your child has never been before.

The Cons:

Costly in the long run

The primary reason why parents refrain from handing a mobile phone to their kids is that they dread being the recipient of outrageously exorbitant monthly bills. Although choosing a good phone plan may help a great deal, odds are your teenager will still surpass their monthly minute, texting and data limits since they want chat with their friends all night. This may cost the parent hundreds of dollars.

Can be destructive

child with mobile phoneWhile phones can help your kid perform well in school, it can be distracting from important events in her life like doing homework, studying, or crossing the streets. Viewing and sharing explicit photos online is another issue parents should consider before getting their children mobile phones as it can be destructive from crucial activities in their daily lives.


Different homes set different age limits on phones for children. Some of these depend a great deal on the family’s particular situations. The most common age at which most parents give their children cell phones is 12. However, whether a kid is ready for a phone is a matter of the child’s maturity level, something which only the child’s parents are able to determine.

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