8 Travel Tips for Parents with Young Children

mother and toddler son using tablet pc while on boardTraveling with kids isn’t always easy, especially on a long trip by car or train or long-haul flights. But with a little prep work, traveling with kids can be smooth. Read our 8 tips on how to have a smooth ride with kids.

1. Take your time

Whether getting from one location to the next, sightseeing or at the airport, the most important thing you can take is extra time. Children like exploring and they won’t give a damn about time pressures associated with travel. Therefore, you will need to maintain your cool when your kids stall, gawp or have to make toilet stops.

2. Decide who keeps an eye on whom

Decide in advance who will be in charge of which child. This eliminates the confusing that normally comes when you think your partner is watching over the kid and your partner also thinks it is you. Avoid miscommunication and you won’t go through the agony of losing children on a vacation.

3. Carry your car seat to the plane

Carrying your car seat to the plane can be very important in reining in on fidgety kids. Toddlers are likely to behave way better when they are on familiar seats, something that keeps everybody happy. They are more likely to rest and sleep easily in the car seat as it reminds them of riding while in their own car. But make sure to check in advance with your airline if carrying a car seat is permissible.

4. Give the kids a camera

Giving your children a child-friendly camera encourages them to be more conscious of their surrounding and hence concentrate on what is of interest to them. They will focus more on capturing interesting things than being playful and cheeky.

5. Remember to carry the medicine

The probability of kids getting ill on holidays is high and you don’t want to be caught unawares. Remember to pack easy medications such as Calpol. This will save you from fevers and broken nights. The other things that you need to include in your first aid kit are plasters, antiseptic wipes, a thermometer and sting treatment.

6. Encourage them to have a travel journal

cute little kid watching cartoons during the long flightA travel journal gets children listing and drawing things they have seen as well as foods they tried. This could also encourage your children to try different foods. Another thing is to collect postcards from places you visit and ask your kids to write messages for themselves on the back of the postcards. This will also help them have rich memories when they grow up into adults.

7. Remember baby wipes

Baby wipes are important, even if your kids are already past the age of nappies. You can use them or cleaning toilet seats, washing hands and even for wiping restaurant tables. Also, you may want to pack hand cleansers. However, make sure that you check travel regulations concerning liquids well beforehand.

8. Be ready for the climate

Children appropriately for terrain and weather are surely going to have a better experience when traveling than those who don’t. Do not leave them barefoot on beaches with sea urchins, and don’t forget their gloves either. Check weather in advance and make sure you are prepared for the trip.


Whether you are traveling with kids by air, train or car, you will always find that it is challenging. Kids can be somewhat messy and you need to plan for them well in advance to avoid any embarrassment and tales of missing kids. Stick to the above tips and you will no doubt have a smooth ride.

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