About Us

Raising 3 boys is not an easy thing, especially in today’s world. This is because there are a lot of things that today’s’ kids are exposed to than people who born several decades ago. Today’s kids have been born in an age of information. Information flows very easily today thanks to the advance in technology. This makes it difficult to control the type of information that gets into the heads of my boys. However, this does not mean that it is impossible to raise boys who will turn out to be responsible men in future. I will share the simple things that I do to ensure that I raise my 3 boys to be responsible citizens. They have worked pretty well for me so far;

  1. Teach them to respect other people

I always tell my boys how important it is for them to respect other people. This is because when they respect others, they will also be respected. Also, when they have respect for other people, there is no way that they will do bad things against other people. This has not only made them respect other people, they also respect each other and respect me as well.

  1. I let them now that they have someone to talk to any time they have a problem

Your boys should know that they can count on you when they have any problem. This is the only way that you will be able to communicate with them effectively when they are having any troubles in their lives. Sometimes, boys can do terrible things when they feel that nobody cares.

  1. Setting a good example

I know that the first person that boys look up to is their fathers. That is why I always strive to ensure that I set a good example for them. By setting a good example, they will try to emulate the good that they see in me.